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Microsoft has worked hard to make everything easy with Windows Phone 7. As a result, as few taps or thumb strokes as possible are required to perform pretty much every task. Similarly, the software keyboard is surprisingly responsive, possibly being the first I’ve tried that is genuinely designed for big fingers, and features a great spell check system..

But Paine drove ahead adding a millennial quality to the colonists‘ struggle. This was not a revolt over taxation. The survival of liberty and republicanism was at stake, he argued and if the American Revolution succeeded, generations yet unborn would owe a debt of gratitude to their forebearers who struggled to defend and expand freedom.

My jaw drops when I hear that. Sounds to me like they spread that shit around the workplace and now others are getting sick. Take a fucking day or two off and stay the fuck away from me. Clement simply isn talented enough to overcome playing less than 100%, that why I believe it may appear he lost a step. Remember he young and has literally overachieved what has been expected of him up to this point. Expect to see him back next year strong.